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Featured Small Group Fitness Classes

Our high-quality, small group fitness programming is brought to you by Sweat Equity Fitness

1 bodyweight burner_bw_scaledBodyweight Burner – Just YOU vs. GRAVITY

Catering to all fitness levels, this is a non-competitive, small group training class with a new workout each day using various techniques and equipment to strengthen the entire body. The class is a combination of Tabata and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), circuits or interval training using your own body weight or light, functional equipment like Kettlebells and TRX suspension straps, etc.

1 21 day shred_cropped_bw_scaled21-DAY SHRED – 21% Off for 21 people. 21 Workouts. Results you can see in 21 Days.

Designed as 5, 30 minute workouts per day during the work week, our 21-DAY SHRED fitness program IS NOT an easy, no-sweat fitness plan. It’s just the opposite (but we make no apologies). Because NOBODY gets serious results without putting in serious effort, do THE 21-DAY SHRED and START GETTING the results you really want.


1 ski conditioning 2_bw_scaledGet in Snow Shape! The weather is changing……..days are getting shorter.…….and snow will be flying soon!!

These are six-week long, small group classes that take participants through cardio, plyometrics, strength and agility circuits. This class is designed to improve leg strength, core stability and balance for a stronger and more confident snow season. Enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders alike will whip themselves into snow shape and get jacked for winter.