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24/7 key fob access

Members have the convenience of 24/7 key fob access and NO contracts! Workout around your schedule!



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Bodyweight Burner – Just YOU vs. GRAVITY

Catering to all fitness levels, this is a non-competitive, small group training class with a new workout each day using various techniques and equipment to strengthen the entire body. The class is a combination of Tabata and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), circuits or interval training using your own body weight or light, functional equipment like Kettlebells and TRX suspension straps, etc.


Designed as 5, 30 minute workouts per day during the work week, our 21-DAY SHRED fitness program IS NOT an easy, no-sweat fitness plan. It’s just the opposite (but we make no apologies). Because NOBODY gets serious results without putting in serious effort, do THE 21-DAY SHRED and START GETTING the results you really want.



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Get in Snow Shape!

These are six-week long, small group classes that take participants through cardio, plyometrics, strength and agility circuits. This class is designed to improve leg strength, core stability and balance for a stronger and more confident snow season. Enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders alike will whip themselves into snow shape and get jacked for winter.