Fitness Classes in Lakewood, CO


Class Pricing

Drop in $15

1 Month unlimited $80

Month to month unlimited $70 (automatically renews each month, cancel at anytime NO contracts)

Month to month unlimited + Membership $85

5 Pack $55

10 Pack $99


Kick Boxing

Class is taught by current pro fighter L.T. Nelson

Learn the fundamentals plus get an exciting high calorie burning workout!

Monday 6:30pm

Tuesday 5:00pm


Absolute Full Body

Classes will be taught by either Gloria or Julia

Our Boot camp workouts can vary. They generally include a fairly intense mix of aerobic, strength training and speed elements within each class session. One boot camp workout might stress calisthenics while another stresses military-style drills.

In most cases, you can expect to do calisthenics, such as pullups, pushups, lunges and crunches, as well as various dumbell and kettlebell based exercises. A boot camp workout is essentially a type of interval training — bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity.

Friday 9:00am

Saturday 9:00am


High Intensity Interval Training

As you can tell from the name, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is challenging. It takes your cardio workout to another level, as you push your pace out of your comfort zone.

You can use HIIT with any type of cardio workout, whether it’s running, using a stair climbing machine, rowing, or jumping rope.

You’ll work up a sweat fast, working at a very intense level and then backing off for a slower recovery period, followed by another round of high intensity.

That strategy can save you time: You don’t have to work out as long as you would if you were keeping a steady pace.

You’ll lose weight, build muscle, and boost your metabolism. Plus there’s a post-workout bonus: Your body will burn calories for about 2 hours after you exercise.


Currently unavailable


As we continue to recover from covid we hope to add more classes