Fitness Classes in Lakewood, CO

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Fitness Classes. Anywhere. Anytime.

We provide on-site or near-site, ongoing small group functional fitness programming, fitness challenges and Sweatworking events. We work with groups and companies of any size and cater to all fitness levels, modifying our programming to accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Affordable Fitness Challenges

You may be surprised to learn that our fitness challenges incredibly affordable! Whether it’s a corporate fitness challenge, a neighborhood fitness challenge, or you’re an individual looking to be in a team-like environment for the camaraderie and support, an entire 6-week program will cost about the same as 3 or 4 private personal training sessions.

Learn More and Try Us for Free

If you are new to Sweat Equity Fitness, you can sign up for three FREE sessions. If you are a new member and sign up for a 90 day plan, you will receive a FREE MZ-3 fitness tracker and mobile app ($149 value!). You do not need to be a gym member of Absolute Personal Fitness to join a Sweat Equity Fitness class. Drop-ins are $17 per session. The 5 class pass is $79 and monthly unlimited classes are $150 per month.

We have a 21-DAY SHRED coming up as well as a Get in Snow Shape ski / snowboard conditioning class. If you do not see a class on the day / time you are looking for, please take our 4 question survey on days / times you would like to participate in classes – we’re adding more soon!