Gregg Avedon

Gregg Avedon, NASM-CPT has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. His dedication throughout that time as a professional model traveling the world and personal trainer have earned him unparalleled success, which is why he has perfected the art of staying in top shape year round.

Avedon has been on the cover of Men’s Health magazine more than anyone in history with over 20 covers. He has written for Men’s Health magazine, including a monthly column that was spun into his popular book, Muscle Chow, his other book, the 14 Day Get Lean Diet, and his groundbreaking nutrition plan Truth Diet. He’s written and hosted television segments for the Discovery Health Channel, and was named among the 5 best bodies in the industry by People Magazine.



Julia Wohlschlegel

Julia grew up in South Texas and went to college at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. She earned two
degrees, one in Biomedical sciences and another in Biochemistry where she graduate Summa
Cum Laude. She ran cross-country and track for her college and was also a Science tutor. Julia
has always been an athlete at heart, and immediately fell in love with the bodybuilding world and
competing in NPC bikini competitions. She started fitness competitions in 2014 and won four 1st
place titles and two 1st place overall titles, the NPC Supplement Giant CO Open Bikini
Champion 2015 and the NPC Anabolic Army Clash of the Titans Open Bikini Champion 2016.
Her last amateur win was for Miss Colorado. Then she competed in three national shows. Julia’s
goal of earning her pro card was reached at North Americans in September 2016. She is now a
IFBB bikini pro. Julia has competed in three pro shows. Julia is all about making goals! Now its
time for her to make it to the Olympia stage.




sultanJames Singer

My name is James Singer an I am the owner of Absolute Personal Fitness. I began working as a Personal Trainer in 2009 when I found my passion in life was to help people. In the years I have been training, I have gained experience in working with people of all fitness levels and abilities. In working together, my clients successfully achieve personal goals such as post-rehab to general weight loss and muscle gain

Absolute personal fitness is a family. We trust each other and as the owner I want to empower my staff to succeed.  We have the same drive and passion for helping others reap the rewards of fitness and I believe that is apparent to anyone that steps through our door.
Laura Marcoux
Achieving your fitness goals requires accountability, consistency, and self belief. Goal setting is the easy part, and my primary focus as a trainer is to provide you with a roadmap to getting there, and to be your teammate in the process. I believe that well-rounded athleticism is the key to success and longevity: including mobility, coordination, dynamic flexibility, and proprioception. I enjoy challenging myself to be creative in my approach to help my clients overcome obstacles, to push their limits, and to build the confidence that is necessary to reaching new levels of fitness.




IMG_3692Mike Tacke

In 2010, I was overweight, unhappy, and embarrassed by my physical appearance. Besides the superficial aspects, heart disease runs in my family, and being 35 pounds overweight made it clear the path I was heading down. There are specific moments in life that standout because they help to define you. One of mine was stepping on a scale in my parents basement, being horrified at the number staring back at me, and deciding right then and there to do something about it. I joined a gym the next day and decided to take back my life.

When I first stepped into the gym, I had little to no idea what I was doing. I went about my fitness journey on my own and because of this made countless mistakes along the way. I did not understand the importance of exercise selection, rep ranges, and proper form. The results that took me three years to achieve should have been accomplished within six months. Once I lost 35 pounds and put back on 20 pounds of lean muscle, it became my passion to assist others with their fitness goals and make sure they avoided all the injuries and mistakes I made.

Regardless of where you are starting or the fitness goals you have in mind, everyone’s journey starts the same exact way: by taking the first step. I am living proof that the person you are today does not define who you will become in the future. Whether you are looking to lose weight, add muscle, or lead a healthier lifestyle, I would love to assist you on your journey to becoming a healthier and more confident version of yourself.


IMG_8162Hannah Green

My main objective as a Personal Trainer is to educate and empower my clients to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

I have always been very active; biking, running, golfing and working out. Even though I was active and watched my diet, I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to reach my goals. I hired a Personal Trainer and he changed my life!! Not only did I reach my goals and learn a great deal, I was inspired to become a Personal Trainer. After attending NPTI, I now have the knowledge, experience and more motivation than ever to make a difference in other’s lives!!

I am committed to doing everything in my power to ensure each of my clients reach their goals! I will discuss, in detail, with each client their goals, hobbies, work habits, eating habits, past and current health issues and injuries and any other questions or concerns they may have. This information is essential to developing a strong relationship with my clients and will enable me to tailor programs specific to each individual so that they will be successful!