Hannah Green


Personal Trainer Hannah Green

Nutrition and exercise have been a part of Hannah’s life since she was 16. After several years of dance, she took up weight lifting as a way to maintain the physique she created from the sport. In 2017, she began studying to become a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and at the same time competed in her first NPC Bikini competition. Since then, she has competed 3 times, including once at a national level show. Academically, Hannah has always excelled. Hannah graduated high school early, finished her undergraduate courses in two years, and was accepted to a Doctorate of Pharmacy Program at the age 19 after scoring in the top percentile on the admissions test for the program (PCAT). During her time in the program, she realized that she wanted to help people create a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise to avoid illness, instead of treating symptoms that can be eliminated through proper lifestyle choices. Hannah has been an online trainer since August 2017. In her programs, she includes foods clients enjoy and workouts that fit their lifestyle to ensure eating properly and exercising regularly becomes habitual & invigorating.