Julia Wohlschlegel


Personal Trainer Julia Wohlschlegel

BS in BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES and Biochemistry at Texas A&M

Ace Certified Trainer


Miss Colorado

Posing Coach for NPC, IFBB, Muscle Mania, and NSL

Julia graduated with a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences &
Biochemisty. She is an ace certified trainer & IFFB Bikini pro.
She has been a professional body builder for five years. She is
a personal trainer at Absolute Personal Fitness with over 6
years of experience spent coaching in-person & online clients.
Julia’s mission as a trainer is to make people feel better about
themselves. She wants to be involved through the entire

process of your fitness journey. From in-person training
sessions at Absolute to creating workout & nutrition programs,
Julia has your back. She specializes in training the female
body, creating toned yet feminine muscle. She practices
different types of training based off the client’s goals including
Circuit Training, bodybuilding, and HIT Cardio. Pushing clients
farther than they believe they can achieve is Julia’s passion.
She loves to learn new and more effective ways to help clients
reach their goals. Julia makes sure that each client receives
the necessary tools (ways to track progress, menu plan,
exercise plan and emotional support). Julia’s key to success:
Make a goal, find motivation to accomplish that goal, be
persistent about your workouts and diet plan, results will be
found. Train with Julia and be inspired to grow.