Laura Marcoux


Personal Trainer Laura Marcoux

Education: BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut

Certifications: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, USA Triathlon Certified Coach

Athletic Experience
4 Years of Division 1 Lacrosse at The University of Connecticut
USA Triathlon “All-American”
Ironman “All-World Gold” Athlete, ranking in the top 1% in the world
Multiple Ironman Podium Finishes; Ironman World Championship Qualifier

Achieving your fitness goals requires accountability, consistency, and self belief. Goal setting is the easy part, and my primary focus as a trainer is to provide you with a roadmap to getting there, and to be your teammate in the process. I believe that well-rounded athleticism is the key to success and longevity: including mobility, coordination, dynamic flexibility, and proprioception. I enjoy challenging myself to be creative in my approach to help my clients overcome obstacles, to push their limits, and to build the confidence that is necessary to reaching new levels of fitness.