Luke Hand


Personal Trainer Luke Hand

I’ve had many ups and down with my fitness journey, I started out being the scrawny little guy, eventually gaining weight the wrong way and becoming the chubby guy. I worked at a grueling corporate job at 50+ hours a week and began to battle depression and anxiety. My health started to decline rapidly and I had no motivation to exercise let alone get out of bed. I knew I wanted to get serious about my health and my overall wellness. This started my journey to become a personal fitness trainer. I went to the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado for my fitness education. There I learned about all aspects of personal training including pre and post natal training, weight loss, nutrition and supplementation, hypertrophy, power and strength training.

With my education and my own experience I have been able to understand that fitness is deeper than superficial, it changes the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. It can heal more than just injuries it can heal confidence and self esteem, it restores everyday passion for life and experiencing it to its full potential and quality. It’s what motivates me as a trainer, to be able to watch people’s lives change for the better and to know you had a hand in it.